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I am grateful that I found my way to Amy.  She is compassionate and kind and has mastered the art of being a skilled listener.  I met Amy at a very difficult time in my life and she helped me find an organized purpose and path that I was seeking but unable to navigate on my own.  She took the overwhelming big picture and made it attainable.  We came up with a plan that I was able to tackle and then tweak with her if needed. She helped me address both my professional and personal needs.  I will always be grateful to Amy for helping me be my best self.  


Amy came into my life when I was fresh out of college and in the middle of, what felt like, a massive yearlong panic attack. I desperately needed guidance and someone to help me detangle the mess inside my own mind. I wasn’t at my best mentally or emotionally and I have the tendency to shy away from people who give overtly tough-love advice. Amy swooped in with her kind reassurances, much needed aid, and helped me figure my own life out.

Amy took my ability to get easily overwhelmed and channeled my energy into something positive. I’ve always been a skittish person by nature and Amy helped me learn coping mechanisms to deal with that – many of which I still use today. We had many phone sessions over the span of a few months and can remember a specific call where I had complained about not being able to write anymore. I’d told her that I had never felt more alienated from my own creativity. She’d advised me to create a schedule for myself, to get up and out of my home. She told me to find a coffee shop, a park, anywhere and just write one sentence. If I could take one baby step, I could take another the next day. While she was referring to helping me write again, which I eventually did, that piece of advice resonated deeply. I’ve carried it with me long past our regular sessions.

In addition to her mental health guidance, Amy helped me comb through my resume and gave me many tips on job searching – which helped me get me where I am now! I gained so much by working with Amy, she’s a genuine person who sincerely cares for her clients. She helped me get through a tough transitional period by giving me the tools to be able to help myself – and for that I will forever be grateful.

-Victoria-recent college graduate