Career and Life Coach Amy Alpert will help participants identify strengths to foster a solution-oriented approach to setting and achieving goals. Come to the meeting with a few potential goals. You will select which goal to focus on at the start of the meeting. Utilize your own creativity as well as the power of the group to figure out how to best achieve your goal. Leave meetings with a clear purpose, renewed energy, and specific next steps toward completing your goal.

This 1.5 hour workshop…

  • Can be offered in large or small group settings
  • Provides time to reflect on goals
  • Helps you connect emotionally with your goal
  • Enhances motivation and clarity
  • Facilitates productivity
  • Creates time to focus without distraction on your goal
  • Helps you connect emotionally on your goal
  • Interested in this workshop? Email me at amyalpertlifecoach@gmail.com or call me at: 917-620-0717


Is there a habit you would like to stick to? A habit you wish to break? Commit to something for the New Year!

Why is it so hard to stick to things we want to do? Do you wish to eat or drink more healthfully? Have more patience with your children? Make more time for your aging parents? We will identify a specific habit to move you toward your goals (no need to select your habit before our first meeting). You will learn research based strategies  and tools that work for your unique personality!

Utilizing my background in positive psychology and ideas from Gretchen Rubin’s Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of our Everyday Lives, I provide a supportive and productive atmosphere to make positive steps towards a happier life.

Interested in participating in a Habits Workshop? Email me at amyalpertlifecoach@gmail.com or call me at: 917-620-0717


Life can be challenging, but even in the most challenging times we can develop the capacity to experience moments of joy and peace. Positivity allows us to see more solutions, to be more resourceful and creative. We will work on skills like developing a growth mindset, finding happiness boosters and identifying and utilizing our strengths.

This Workshop is helpful when going through a difficult time including looking for a job, entering a new stage of life, after loss, during a health challenge among other challenges. The skills learned in this Workshop are not specific to a situation, and can be utilized throughout your life as you inevitably encounter life’s challenges.  Enjoy the Journey gives you permission to enjoy your life no matter what is going on around you.

Interested in participating in an Enjoy the Journey Workshop? Email me at amyalpertlifecoach@gmail.com or call me at 917-620-0717.