If you are beginning to explore the idea of wellness coaching, kudos to you. You are taking the first step towards making life-long positive changes to improve your health and ultimately your happiness.

We all know that health is the backbone to success and a key to happiness. Without our health, we will not have the energy or the means to achieve our goals and take care of our priorities. But staying healthy requires making positive choices throughout our day, which can be challenging in our busy lives.

“If compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.” —Jack Kornfield

Working With A Wellness Coach

Here’s the good news. Working with a skilled wellness coach can make setting and sticking to your healthy lifestyle goals so much easier — so you can achieve the lasting results you really want.

Identifying your health goals is essential to creating a plan to achieve greater health and satisfaction. Taking the time to determine what being healthy means to you is an essential part of the wellness coaching process. With that information, together we will determine sustainable ways to achieve your goals.


Wellness Coaching provides structure, accountability, and new ways to look at both your health goals and the paths to achieving them.

Determining a health strategy requires “fit.” Together we will look at your individual needs and desires to develop a specific plan to best meet your unique profile. We will identify ways to stay healthy that work with your priorities, personality, likes and dislikes.

Fortunately, there are countless ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle, and finding the right mix is essential to long lasting commitment. There are numerous paths to wellness:

• Sleep
• Recreation
• Self-care
• Healthy eating
• Exercise
• Mindfulness
• Relaxation
• Socialization

Having worked in the Wellness world both as a yoga instructor and as a Wellness Executive at Goldman Sachs, I bring an expertise to empower you to achieve wellness in your day-to-day life. With proven wellness coaching techniques, compassion and accountability, I will work with you to achieve your wellness goals.

In addition to wellness coaching, I also specialize in Work-life Balance coaching and Life coaching.

You can explore more about my overall approach and my session structure in the About Me and Get Started sections.

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