While I am now a Career Coach serving primarily the Maplewood New Jersey area, I used to be an executive at Goldman Sachs where I focused on the work-life needs of thousands of employees.   I saw first-hand how difficult it is to have a thriving and engaged career while also taking care of your personal responsibilities.

There are many ways to approach your career and your work-life balance, but identifying your values is a primary step when working with a career coach. By identifying your values, you can then use this information to direct your decisions. As a career coach dedicated to serving the Maplewood, New Jersey community and surrounding areas, I will help you identify what is important to you and explore how to best achieve that in your life.

“It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.”  — Erma Bombeck

During our career coaching sessions, we’ll also explore your practical needs and constraints, as well as how you can use your strengths and resources to better align the life you want with the life you have.

Career Coaching Can Establish Work-life Balance

Work-life balance requires creativity. Working with a career coach can help you evaluate the following aspects of your life and career and come up with solutions for your unique situation:

  • Job responsibilities
  • Relationship with your supervisor
  • Organizational culture
  • Corporate work-life benefits
  • Time management style and strategies
  • Family responsibilities
  • Available resources

Surprisingly, your life often does not require a full overhaul to begin finding work-life balance. As a career coach, I apply positive psychology coaching techniques, to begin working on small, immediate changes to move you towards your goal right away. Immediate success builds momentum toward bigger changes. As a career coach I will help you stay accountable to your commitments.

How Career Coaching Can Help You

Whether you are looking to change careers, advance your career or improve your existing job situation, positive psychology coaching can help.  Determining your ideal scenario is a productive way to begin and together we will determine the best way to move you in the right direction. Identifying an attainable path from where you are now to where you want to go is exciting and motivating.

My personal work history is varied and includes working in not-for-profit organizations, a Fortune 100 company, working full-time and part-time, as well as contributing as a volunteer. As your career coach, I will help you to consider all of your options and take a holistic perspective to view how your career and your life interact and how they can work together in a positive and seamless way.

I also specialize in Life coaching and Wellness coaching.

You can explore more about my overall approach and my session structure in the About Me and Get Started sections.

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