Positive psychology coaching is based on the proven premise that we have the ability to improve our lives based on choices we make each day. Rather than only focusing on problems and obstacles, we take a solutions-focused approach where we challenge our limited thinking and dream big.  Abundant evidence demonstrates that increased positivity is associated with expansive thinking and better problem solving.

Positive psychology coaching encourages a strengths-based approach.  When we identify and harness our strengths, we have an advantage when working towards a goal and moving forward. We notice what is working in our lives and determine ways to build upon that. By utilizing our strengths, we can approach problems in a more optimistic and targeted way. In addition, we can improve our lives with small changes in the way we think and how we act based on our improved mindset.

How Positive Psychology Coaching Can Help You

Positive Psychology Coaching embraces a growth mindset where effort is rewarded. Positive Psychology clients are encouraged to take risks and try new things. Once your strengths and aspirations are identified, we will access the positive psychology tools that work best for you.  There is no one-fits-all solution and Positive Psychology coaches work with clients to identify tools that best match the client’s unique personality. The tools we use in positive psychology are based on rigorous research resulting in successful strategies to help people thrive.

Positive psychology coaching is not about being happy all the time. The full spectrum of emotions are acknowledged and embraced. We approach these with self-compassion, courage and mindfulness to notice how we feel in different situations without judgment.  In positive psychology coaching we encourage gratitude, optimism, mindfulness and self-compassion.  In addition, positive psychology coaching is focused on helping clients lead a fulfilling and meaningful life while making rapid progress towards the achievement of significant goals.

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