Career Coaching

While I am now a Career Coach serving primarily the Maplewood New Jersey area, I used to be an executive at Goldman Sachs where I focused on the work-life needs of thousands of employees.   I saw first-hand how difficult it is to have a thriving and engaged career while also taking care of your personal responsibilities.

Life Coach Maplewood NJ

Life Coaching

Life can be filled with exciting opportunities, difficult challenges and constant change. Sometimes we need help finding ways to cope with and thrive after unexpected changes we didn’t seek. And sometimes we need help identifying and figuring out how to make positive changes that we do seek.

Positive Psychology

Positive psychology coaching is based on the proven premise that we have the ability to improve our lives based on choices we make each day. Rather than only focusing on problems and obstacles, we take a solutions-focused approach where we challenge our limited thinking and dream big.  Abundant evidence demonstrates that increased positivity is associated with expansive thinking and better problem solving.