Being a parent of a junior in high school is not easy. As we know life seems to move faster with each year. But when junior year comes along, life pushes the pedal to the metal. As someone who always drives the speed limit and avoids all fast amusement park rides like the plague, I am holding on for dear life. Talking about college, visiting colleges, prepping for ACT/SAT, prepping for the drivers test, AP classes and the overarching awareness that life as I have known it for 17 years is about to change is tough and I need to figure out how to handle it.

I am not someone who avoids change. I have enjoyed watching my kids get older. I love seeing their independence grow. I did not cry when my kids marched off to kindergarten. I was so very excited for them. I embraced their bat/bar mitzvah year with joy and excitement. Therefore, I am a bit thrown for a loop with how much this year is toying with my emotions.

All I can do is try to control what I can control. If life is moving too fast in one domain, I can try to slow down in others. If I am feeling extra vulnerable, then I need to create a life that helps me feel secure. What can I do to help myself survive and maybe even thrive during this time?

This is my plan I am putting into place and I hope it helps others think about how they can adapt when times are tough.

Wake up earlier

If life is going to fast, I need more time to gently enter my day. By waking up 15 minutes earlier, writing in my journal and connecting to myself, I am stronger and better able to deal with the tornado of my day.

Go to bed earlier

I am diligent about getting into bed as early as possible. I am trying to honor my sleep cycle and if I am getting up earlier I must go to bed earlier. If I am overtired, I do not have the strength to deal with the topsy turvy emotions I feel.

Honor my introversion

One of the indicators of being an introvert is that we can feel depleted by social interactions while social interactions energize extroverts. To protect my energy, I have to say no to invitations. I feel uncomfortable about this sometimes, but it is what I need to do to protect my already vulnerable foundation at this time.


Meditation teaches us how to notice what is going on without judgment. Having this more sophisticated awareness of my thoughts and emotions allows me to deal with them in a more reasonable way. I am learning to accept what I feel, challenge what is not true and treat myself more gently.

Spend time just the four of us

My sadness around our family changing is best addressed by appreciating what is here right now. We have prioritized being together as a family more than ever and my daughter, despite her busier schedule, has been game. Being together at a restaurant or watching sitcoms and movies or just laughing and teasing each other during car rides is grounding and seems to slow things down temporarily.

Imagine a fabulous future

Being around friends who have been through this is powerful. Reading blogs like Grown and Flown is life saving. Imagining our future with my husband can be exciting and freeing. Life will go on when my kids move on. I have a new business, a wonderful husband and the most amazing dog that is not going off to college luckily. I have friends and family and hobbies and goals and the next phase will be wonderful.

Adapting to change is a life skill that we must embrace since change is inevitable, but I can be kind to myself in the process.

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